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wild eyes

Wild eyes are costume contact lenses produced by CibaVision. They are soft opague contacts and as all lenses by this company are comfortable in the eyes. Wild eyes come in many designes and can transfer an ordinary custume into something completely wild and inhuman.

Things you want to know about Wild eyes costume contacts.

  • Almost anybody can wear wild contacts. If you vision is good and you don’t need any corections, you are after plano (no corrective power) lenses. Corrective lenses are avaliable as well.

  • Regardless of the design of your lens you can see through it. The centre of the lens is clear. And lenses with corrective power improve you vision like ordinary clear contacts would. The only exceptions are some white lenses (for blind eyes effect), those are completely opague and usually worn only one at a time.

  • Wild effect lenses are usually not disposable and last for a year. But you aren’t going to wear them everyday anyway, are you?

  • You should never swap lenses with other people. Tempting as it may be this is a sure way to pick up an eye infection.

Where to get your Wild costume contact lenses

Wild Eyes costume contacts series isn’t wildely avaliable to order online, the best place to get wild eyes contact lenses with a discount

While you are at you can also check their Evil Eyes collection. It offers very interesting effects. And those lenses are less common, so you can be sure that you won’t look just like everyone else at the party.

wild eyes

Want Wild Eyes lenses but aren’t prepared to pay 120 bucks
for one party?

There are other brands of Halloween costume contacts that are cheaper, but offer as good effect. You can get a wide range of cool colors from Coastal Contacts. Here are some of the designes they offer:

crazy wild eyes is a well-known online contact lens and glasses retailer. They carry a big selection of contact lenses at the lowest prices. You can get all brandname lenses prescribed by your doctor 40–70% cheaper than from the doctor’s office. Free shipping is available. Ships worldwide.
AClens has been selling contacts and other optical goods online since 1996. They are a trusted and established company. The website is well organised, so you can find your lenses in seconds. Prices are very low.

Red vampire contact lenses are always very popular at Halloween parties. Wild Eyes makes excellent vampire contacts, that will make your eyes trully red.


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