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white contacts  

White contacts are excellent for a Halloween party or just to play a joke on your friends. White contact lenses create effect of blind eyes or zombie effect. You can get prescription as well as non prescription white contact lens designs

White contacts options

Depending on the effect you want to achieve you can get white lenses that cover just the color portion of your eye or white-out contact lenses that cover your entire sclera (all visible portion of your eye). There are also white glow in the dark contact lenses available.

White out lenses from Crazy Lenses

White lens that covers only color portion of your eye. Crazy Lenses white lens is clear in the middle, so you can see. It doesn’t create a blind eye effect (your pupil is visible), but it is great for zombie eyes effect.

Crazy Lenses white out contacts are high quality, so they feel comfortable in your eyes and their price is surprisingly reasonable. And if you need vision correction their white lenses come with corrective powers.

Wild Eyes white out contacts

They also cover color portion of the eye leaving the middle clear. Wild Eyes lenses cost slightly more, but they last longer. Prescription corrective lenses are available.

White lens from Evil Eyes sinister collection available from Eye

Truly opaque white lens covers your entire sclera. Perfect for the blind eyes effect. This lens is comfortable but since your pupil is covered, you can’t see. This lens comes only in plano (obviously)

Where can I get non-prescription white cheap contact lenses?

You can get cheap white novelty contact lenses online from trusted discount contact lens retailers.


You can’t see when wearing white out contact lenses for Halloween

To create a white out effect white lens has to be completely opaque, which means that it covers your pupil. So if the designs your select isn’t clear in the middle (completely white) you wouldn’t be able to see while wearing white out contact lenses.

So if becoming truly blind isn’t part of your plan, it is recommended to wear only one white lens at a time. Alternatively you can look at other costume contact lenses for Halloween. Majority of special effect lenses don’t affect your vision.

White glow in the dark contact lenses

You can also get white glow in the dark contacts. They create great glowing effect. Usually glow in the dark lenses come in plano only.



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