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Contact lenses for water sports

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contact lens reviews Swimming, diving, surfing, and water ski - all these kinds of sports inevitably lead contact your eyes with water. Many enthusiasts are actively engaged in water sports, and good sight for these activities is very important for your safety. Use of soft contact lenses helps to solve problems of vision correction for sportsmen, but contact between your lenses and water also presents a certain risks.

Water can influence parameters of contact lenses. In fresh lake water, diameter of a soft contact lens increases; the lens gets tighter to your eye. In oceanic and sea salty water, fit of the lens weakens. Soft contact lenses are seldom lost in the water as their edges are reliably covered by top and bottom eyelids. RGP lenses on the other hand are very easy to lose.

Also harmful chemical substances containing in water of lakes and the seas, also can be absorbed by soft contact lenses. Swimming in soft contact lenses increases risk of bacterial infections. Various microorganisms always are present at the water environment, and some of them can cause serious problems such as keratitis.

The simplest solution is to wear swimming goggles over your lenses. They should be of good quality and no leak.

Also here are few simple tricks to minimize the risk of eye health problems if you are engaged in water sports:

  • To apply a sterile solution for washing your eyes;
  • If the water hit your eyes, blink fast, but don’t rub your eyes
  • Remove your lenses after getting out of the water
  • Carefully to disinfect or replace contact lenses after each navigation;
  • Use daily disposable contact lenses

In case of irritation, occurrences of unpleasant sensations accurately remove contact lenses immediately.


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