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Vampire contact lenses can transform an ordinary costume into a real monster. With vampire red color contact lenses your costume won’t go unnoticed this Halloween. And who said you can wear vampire contacts only at Halloween? Try wearing them to a club with otherwise ordinary cloth, I bet you will become a center of attention.

Choices of vampire red color contact lenses

There are a few brand name costume contact lenses to choose from, the two vampire lenses we recommend create the greatest effect and also feel comfortable in your eyes.

Hot Red Wild Eyes by Ciba Vision

  • Vivid vampire red color
  • Comfortable to wear lens
  • Lenses last for a year
  • Usually cost about $ 60 per lens

Blood red from special effect collection by Coastal Contacts

  • Bright red color
  • Lens is comfortable (but not as comfortable as Wild Eyes)
  • Cheap price

Warning! Some costume shops also sell Interview with the vampire contacts cheap. However it is not recommended to buy costume contacts lenses from these shops and flea markets. Most paints can irritate your eyes so while the vampire red contact lenses they offer might look spectacular, they can easily damage your eyes.

In brand name vampire contact lens the red paint is wrapped inside the lens, so it doesn’t come in direct contact with your eyes. So these vampire lenses are safe to wear if you take proper care of them.



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