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Soft contact lenses are easy to care for and their convenience compensates for your efforts. These are simple rules all soft contact lens wearers should follow to keep their eyes healthy.

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Contact lenses have become more and more popular in recent years. They have so many advantages over glasses, and now when you can buy cheap with discount online, they are affordable for everybody. You can get daily or weekly disposable contacts, color lenses or even crazy lenses that give you effect of cat eyes or red vampire eyes. With so many types of lens available everybody can find something suitable for his/her eyes.

Contact lenses are even available in a variety of colors, for those who wish to see themselves with a different eye color than they were born with. These contacts can be made for the wearer’s prescription just as regular contact lenses are.


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Contact lenses are available from a person’s optometrist or ophthalmologist’s office, or to save money, prescriptions can be taken to a Target or Wal-Mart store or ordered from one of many online suppliers. Be sure to check carefully before ordering online, to make sure the supply house you ordered from is legitimate. The Better Business Bureau has a list of real companies, so you can check their website ( before placing any online or telephone orders.

The contact lens wearer should be aware of some important things about contact lens use. Contacts need to be cleaned with a cleaning solution, and should not be worn overnight. The eye needs oxygen, so lenses should not be kept in the eye over an entire 24 hour period. Eyes that are deprived of oxygen for too long can get infected, and the vessels in the eye can swell for lack of oxygen. This swelling can lead to permanent eye problems. So, be sure to clean the lenses regularly, and let the eye rest during sleep. Good examples of oxygen permeable contacts are Focus Day and Night or Acuvue Oasys.

Besides oxygen, the eye needs moisture. Modern contact lenses are designed to act like sponges, retaining essential moisture in the eye. Still, the contact lens wearer may experience dryness from staring at a computer screen, working in air conditioned places, or strain from reading. There are many eye drop products that can help moisturize the eye while wearing contact lenses in these situations.

There are different types of contact lenses. Extended wear lenses can be used for a long time with regular cleaning and daytime only use. Disposable lenses are thinner and therefore more comfortable, but accumulate dirt particles quicker and tear more easily. They are designed to last for 2 weeks and then be replaced with a new, clean pair. They are cheaper than extended wear, which need to be replaced every 3-6 months. The most recently developed lenses have very high water content, allowing for longer more comfortable wear. Still, cleaning is essential to avoid infection.

If your eyes do become very irritated or infected while wearing contact lenses, give your eyes a few days to rest, and throw away your lenses to avoid re-infecting the eye. It may be necessary to see your ophthalmologist for some antibiotic drops. Contact lenses can be enjoyable and freeing to wear, when done responsibly for the eye health of the wearer.

Finding contact lenses suitable for your eyes may take some experimentation. If the lenses your doctor prescribed don’t feel very comfortable, don’t be afraid to ask for another brand, finally you will find contacts that are right for you.




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