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contact lens reviews More than third of the people who wear glasses, have astigmatism from 0,75 and above, and 27,5 % - from 0,75 to 2,0, therefore it is no wonder toric contact lenses of frequent replacement become more and more popular.

In the Great Britain toric contact lens have been prescribed to 18 % of patients, in the USA their percentage is about the same. Soft toric contacts lenses become so popular, because provide patients with comfort and correct astigmatism well.

However, despite of improved design of soft contacts, they not always can provide optimum quality of sight as one of the basic requirements of toric contact lenses is its correct orientation to an eye and absence of rotation (rotation) of a contact lens is at blinking.

Studies shown that only in 69,0-73,4 % of cases contact lenses Soflens 66 (Bausch and Lomb in 57,5 % - contact lenses Focus Toric by CIBA Vision and in 49 % - contact lenses Acuvue Toric by Johnson and Johnson don’t rotate in the patients eyes.

Displacement of a contact lens from optimum position can be considered while writing contact lens prescription. Besides, any displacement of a contact lens reduces stability of its position on an eye during blinking therefore visual acuity starts "to float".

More than 45% pf people who wish to wear contact lenses have astigmatism, so soft toric contacts can help them. However, studies show that only 18% of patients are prescribed toric contacts. There are two reasons for that. First, fitting of toric contacts require special knowledge from your eye doctor and takes longer. Second many people don’t want to wear toric lenses because they are thicker (therefore less comfortable) and also they cost more.

The best toric lenses currently on the market are Biomedics toric, Proclear Compatibles toric and Acuvue toric lenses

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