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Special effect contact lenses – cat, vampire or glow in the dark

scleral halloween contact lenses

Special effect contact lenses are an exciting invention of contact lens industry. If 20 years ago they were only used in movies, now various special effect designs are available to everyone, who wants to stand out of the crowd.

Most spectacular special effects contacts lenses

Special effect crazy colored contacts come in many designs, the most popular are:

While most people use costume contacts as Halloween special effects contact lenses, some can be used in everyday life to give your peers a bit of a scare. Try wearing mirrow or black out contacts to college or work with otherwise ordinary clothes. I bet you will see some very interesting reactions to your person.

There are many other interesting designs of costume lenses. The limit is only your imagination.

Comfort issue of special effect color contacts

Some people worry that special effect contacts feel awful in your eyes. To a certain extent it is true – poor quality costume contacts do feel like sandpaper in your eyes.

However, high quality brand name special effect contacts like Wild Eyes or Crazy Lenses are designed for comfort as well as for exotic look. Of course it doesn’t mean that you can wear these contact lenses from 6am to midnight. It is best to wear them for 4-6 hours, not longer.



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