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Wild eyes contact lenses with discount
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Special effect contacts for crazy eyes

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Special effect contacts are great for Halloween and also for the people, wishing to give their appearance a touch of extravagant.

CIBA Vision produces Wild Eyes colored lenses in white-out, cat eye contacts, wildfire, red-hot, ice fire, hypnotica, knockout, zombie and alien. Cooper Vision produces Crazy lenses with designs of cats eye, Red spiral, Wolf, White eyes, Black spiral and Flame.

However, crazy lenses present some risks to their wearers. First their oxygen permeability is very low, due to a thick layer of color. For this reason you shouldn’t wear them for long, hours – 3-4 hours at best.

According to manufacturers, you can wear your lenses all day, but most eye doctors don’t recommend doing that. Also you should never share your lenses with other people, it is a sure way to get a nasty eye infection.

Driving in Crazy contact lenses might present additional dangers. Even though the center of the lens is clear, under low light conditions, when your pupil becomes larger, lens might cover part of the pupil. Be sure you can see well in the dark, before you drive at night wearing Wild Eyes.

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