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contact lens reviews There are many contact lens care products on the market. You don’t need to use them all, of course. This review might help you select contact lens solution that is right for you.

Multipurpose contact lens solutions

Multipurpose solution cleans, rinses and disinfects your lenses. You also store your contacts in it. Since it is very simple to use, multipurpose solution is the favorite of contacts lens wearers. Some multipurpose solutions even don’t require you to rub your lenses - Opti-Free Express multipurpose, for example.

Multipurpose “no rub” solution is excellent for color contact lenses. Rubbing color contacts can damage the color, so no rub works best for them.

Most soft contact lens wearers can use multipurpose solution instead of a combination of a cleaner and a saline. If your eyes are sensitive, look for solutions that are marked “no preservatives” – it is less likely to irritate your eyes.

Another multipurpose solution that is very effective at disinfecting, but gentle on your eyes is Aquify 5 minute.

When buying your multipurpose solution, make sure that it is for soft contact lenses. RGP lenses solutions aren’t suitable for soft lenses.

Saline solution

It is used to rinse and store your lenses. Saline solution isn’t suitable for cleaning and disinfecting your lenses, so it always should be used in conjunction with a cleaning solution.

Cleaning and disinfecting lens solutions

As the name suggests, it is for cleaning your lenses. Pour a little bit on your palm and give your lens a 10-15 seconds gentle rub. Then rinse your lenses in a saline. Make sure you rinse your contacts properly – cleaners can irritate your eyes. Mira Flow by Ciba Vision or Pure Eyes cleaner would do a very good job.

Contact lens solutions for hard lenses (RGP lenses)

If you wear RGP (rigid gas permeable) contacts, you need special cleaners for them. These cleaners aren’t suitable for soft lenses. Lobob Optimum RGP is a cleaning and storing solution (like multipurpose solution for RGP lenses). Alternatively you can store your RGP lenses in the saline, this would be much cheaper.

RGP cleaners might be hard to find in ordinary chemist shop. You can get it from your eye doctor or order it online.

Hydrogen peroxide solution

This solution is also used for cleaning, disinfecting, rinsing and storing your lenses. You rinse your lenses in a special basket, then put a basket in a cup and fill it with the solution to clean and disinfect.

Some doctors recommend multipurpose solution over hydrogen peroxide, because peroxide solution can irritate your eyes. Hey are also much more expensive than multipurpose solutions.

There are also cleaning / disinfecting devices on the market. These aren’t solutions; the cleaning is done by ultrasonic waves or ultraviolet. They are quite new on the market, but they work very well.

Most contact lens manufacturers recommend that you use their solution as well. Even though they obviously have an ulterior motive, this suggestion makes sense. Contact lenses by different companies are made of more or less the same materials, but there are slight differences. And the solution by each manufacturer is formulated to work on their lenses better than on the others. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use a solution by different brand, just try the products of the same brand as your contacts first.

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