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contact lens reviewsModern soft contact lenses are very comfortable, affordable and provide good vision correction in most cases. For these reasons majority of contact lens wearers prefer soft contacts.

Types of soft contact lens:

Depending on how long they can be worn, soft lenses can be:

  • Extended wear – you can wear them for several days without removing
  • Daily disposable soft lenses – no cleaning involved, just open a new pack every morning
  • 1-2 week replacement soft contacts
  • Monthly replacement lenses
  • traditional soft lenses that you can wear for a year, but they are pretty much a thing of the past, because frequent replacement lenses are much healthier choice

Soft contact lens complications

Problems that most often occur with regard to soft contact lens are that the lens contribute to eye dryness and doesn’t let through enough oxygen for the eye to “breath”. That is why a few years ago doctor’s always recommended not wearing your soft lenses for longer then 10-12 hours.

soft contact lens pictureSoft contact lenses for healthy eyes

The good news is that in recent years soft contact lenses improved dramatically. Now they are thinner and modern materials prevent the lenses from absorbing moisture from your eyes. Acuvue Advance with Hydroclear and Focus Night and Day are two soft lenses that show best results for healthy eyes. The technology used in these lenses is different but both lenses let 97% of oxygen through and don’t let your eyes dry.

How long can you wear soft lenses at first

Unlike rigid lenses, soft contacts usually don’t have any adjustment period. High quality soft lenses feel good in your eyes straight away. However, if you never wore contact lens before, it is recommended to wear your new lenses for 2-2.5 hours for the first day. Then if your eyes feel all right, you can add an hour a day. And in a week or so you can wear your soft contact lens all day long.

The same can be said about non-prescription color and costume soft contacts. Modern color contact lenses are designed for comfort as well as for great look, but it is still recommended to wear them only a few hours for the first time. Also if you bought your colored lens for a specific occasion, it is a good idea to wear them for a couple hours the day before, just to get used to the feeling.



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