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contact lens reviewsSoft contact lenses are easy to care for and their convenience compensates for your efforts. These are simple rules all soft contact lens wearers should follow to keep their eyes healthy.

  • Clean, wash and disinfect your soft lenses, every time you take them out. If you use multipurpose solution, just give them a gentle rub.

  • Store contact lenses in the special contact lens case, in a solution.

  • Do not use same solution twice, replace it every time you handle your lenses.

  • Always handle one lens at a time, to not confuse the right and left lenses.

  • Soft contact lenses require scheduled replacement. Make sure you replace your lenses on schedule

  • Put your lenses in before applying eye make up. It is better to use water resistant mascara.

  • Never let any kind of spray hit your lenses

  • Always close your eyes when using deodorants or hair sprays. Stay away when other people use sprays.

  • If you have to spend a lot of time in a room full of smoke, your lenses won’t like it, they can change their color and lose the properties. Use daily disposable lenses to minimize the effect.

  • Do not use any solution more than six months from the moment of opening a bottle.

  • Do not use a solution and drops the date expired.

  • Follow your doctor’s recommendations when caring for your lenses.

RGP contact lenses careIf you feel any irritation or discomfort, take your lens off and give them a good wash. If they still don’t feel right, see your eye doctor. Ignoring the symptoms can do serious damage to your eyes, you shouldn’t risk you eye health.



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