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contact lens reviewsNobody will argue, that the tobacco smoke first of all badly influences lungs. But harm for health is not limited to it. Majority of patients with cataracts are smokers.

The risk to get a heavy forms of a cataract when nothing except the operation can help, for a smoker is three times higher, than for other patients. Therefore doctors advise those who does not think of the life without a cigarette, to visit an eye doctor more often especially after they turn 40. Danger remains many years later even after a person quited smoking.

Also smoking might affect soft contact lenses badly. Contact lenses are very sensative to all kidg of poluttion, so in the room full of dust or smoke your eyes feel uncomfortable. If you are smoking, it is recommended not to wear your soft contacts for more then 8 hours. You should also give them a very good clean afterremoving them.

Some studies show that RGP contact lenses don’t collect as much smoke as soft lenses. So if you are exposed to smoke often, you might switch to RGP lenses.



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