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RGP contact lens manufacturers

RGP contact lenses manufacturers are usually small independed RGP labs. Most popular RGP lenses are Accucon and Boston lenses. You can order discount RGP contact lens online.

Opinions on RGP contact lenses

Review RGP contact lens stores


contact lens reviewsThere are three major types of contacts:

  • RGP lenses;

  • Hard (PMMA) lenses, which the first contact lenses available and now are history

  • Soft contact lenses – the most common type of contacts

RGP lenses (Rigid Gas Permeable) are sometimes also called GP contacts. They are made of a firm, durable plastic that transmits oxygen. They are a healthier choose: because they don't contain water, RGP lenses resist protein deposits and are less likely to harbor bacteria than soft contacts. GP contact lenses clean and disinfect easily, don't dehydrate, and last longer than soft lenses -- often for many years.

Advantages of RGP lenses

  1. RGP is better for correction of high degree of astigmatism and presbyopia
  2. They let more oxygen through making it healthier for the eyes
  3. Protein build-ups are lower on RGP lenses than on soft contacts
  4. In most cases RGP lenses provide better vision
  5. They don’t dry up as soft contacts often do

Fitting RGP lens is more complex process, than fitting soft contact lenses. The lens should match the forward surface of a cornea perfectly. Therefore only an eye doctor with special qualifications and equipment can fit you with RGP lenses.

In doctor’s opinions, sometimes RGP lenses are the only solution, for example for patients with keratoconus and high degree of astigmatism.

Fitted by an experienced eye doctor, modern gas-permeable lenses are much safer for your eyes, than soft lenses.

And from the financial point of view, RGP lenses will cost you less, than soft contacts. They cost more per lens, but they usually live for 2 years. 2 years supply of soft contacts will cost you much more.

Many people think that they can’t order discount RGP lenses online, that you can only get them from your doctor’s office. In most cases this isn’t true – large online contact lens retailers carry big selection of RGP contacts and they are much cheaper than from a doctor.


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