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contact lens reviews Proclear toric contacts are part of the Cooper Vision Proclear compatible line of contact lenses. Proclear lenses were designed to provide exceptional comfort, for people who have sensative eyes or have to wear contact lenses for 14-16 hours.

Proclear compatible aren’t as popular and widly advertised as Acuvue Advance lens, for excample, nevertheless Proclear toric really are contact lenses of a new generation.

Most contact lenses feel dry and uncomfortable at the end of the day, but Proclear Compatible don’t. Their secret is in the special material phosphorylcholine. There are two reasons why most contacts feel uncomfortable after a few hours. First, the lens is a foreing object and your eye tries to reject it coating it with proteins, lipids and other cells from the surrounding fluids. Second – the lens simply dries out.

Proclear Compatible solves both of the problems

Because of the unique material phosphorylcholine your eyes don’t reject Proclear torics. This is the reason they are called compatible, they are biocompatible with your body. Also phosphorylcholine materials have a permanent water layer on the surface, creating a barrier to protein and lipid adhesion. The result - Proclear Compatibles resist deposits that cause discomfort and block the flow of oxygen through the lens

Also, Proclear lens doesn’t dry out. It continues to feel moist in your eye even after the entire day of wearing.

Proclear Compatibles toric for astigmatism

Not only Proclear toric lenses are very comfortable, they also provide very good vision correction for people with astigmatism. Toric lenses are usually more expencive that ordinary contacts, but if you have astigmatism you only choices are soft toric contact lenses or RGP toric lenses.

Proclear torics are monthly disposable contacts. Cost per box is slightly more, than other toric friequent disposable lenses. However, most Proclear toric wearers agree that the comfort Proclear contacts provide is well worth it.

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Proclear tailor-made toric

Proclear tailor made toric lenses are contacts for people with uncommon prescription. They are ideal for people with high degree of astigmatismMany doctors agree that proclear compatible toric and. accuvue toric are most effective contact lenses for people with astigmatism.


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