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contact lens reviews Eye dryness and discomfort are among the most common contact lens wearers complains. Contact lenses would be great if they didn’t feel dry at the end of the day. This isn’t a problem for everybody, however if your eyes feel dry at the end of the day, you need to ask your doctor to switch you to lenses that doesn’t dehydrate as much.

Among your best options are GP (gas permeable lenses), silicon hydrogel lenses and biocompatible lenses, such as Proclear Compatible contacts.

Proclear Compatible lenses provide additional comfort for people with dry eyes because of their unique properties. They are made from amafilcon A and 62% of water.

Cooper Vision, manufacturer of Proclear Compatibles calls them “biocompatible” contact lens. What they mean is that the lens integrates with your body, and your eye doesn’t perceive it as an intruder. Usually when human body detects a foreign object (and from your body point of view a contact lens is an alien object) it tries to reject it surrounding it by proteins and lipids. This is partially the reason your lenses feel uncomfortable after 12 hours – because they are covered in proteins.

In about 1970 scientists discovered that a substance called phosphorylcholine is responsible for biocompatibility. Proclear Compatibles contain phosphorylcholine, and this is the reason your eyes don’t see the lens as a foreign object.

Proclear Compatible contacts are also available for people with astigmatism. Proclear Compatibles toric are also very comfortable and have all the features of Proclear lenses.

Cost of Proclear Compatibles

Surprisingly Proclear lenses don’t cost a fortune. Proclear Compatibles are slightly more expensive than other frequent replacement contacts. However, since Proclear lenses are monthly disposables, their cost is about the same as 2 boxes of 2 weeks disposable lenses like Acuvue 2 or Soflens 59. And if your order Proclear Compatibles online you can get them with a discount.

If you work on a computer or your eyes just feel dry after wearing contacts all day, ask your optometrist about Proclear Compatibles. They might be the solution for you.

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