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order cheap contact lenses


contact lens reviewsIt is now a common knowledge that if you order contact lenses online you can get them 2-3 times cheaper than when ordering contact lens from the doctor’s office. However many people wonder, is it safe and are the lenses sold online are of the same quality.

Ordering contact lenses online is safe if...

If you order your contact lens from a trusted company.

The problem with selling anything online is that if somebody has a website, it doesn’t mean that they are a large, trusted company. A single person, from their home, might operate this company.

Big, reputable companies, on the other hand, carry very large stock of contact lens and ship thousands of mail order contact lenses a day.

When you order contact lenses online you get the same lenses as from the doctor

If your eye doctor says that when ordering contact lenses online you will get lenses of inferior quality, don’t believe him. Reputable companies sell most brand name contact lenses and they are exactly the same lenses as if you were ordering contact lenses from your doctor.

The reason that you can order contact lens cheap is that online stores have fewer expenses than traditional stores. So they can afford selling discount contact lenses. Also companies like Coastal Contacts sell thousands contact lens a day, with is more than any individual optometrist sells in a month.

Order color contacts without a credit card

Most online contact lens retailers only let you pay by credit card. However there are some stores where you can order color contact lenses without a credit card.



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