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Order cheap contact lenses online


contact lens reviewsYou can order contacts online and get a great discount. It is easy and safe when you are dealing with a reputable retailer. If you order contact lenses online they usually arrive to your mailbox within 3-4 days (10-15 days for international orders).

How to place contact lens order

First you will have to obtain a copy of your prescription from your eye doctor. Some optometrists are reluctant to give patients their prescriptions, because they don’t want you to order your lenses online, they want you to order contacts from their office. They might also say that lenses sold online are of inferior quality. This isn’t true. Contacts sold online are exactly the same lenses from the same manufacturers as the doctor sells you.

It is your consumer right to have a written copy of your prescription so you can shop around and order discount contact lenses online.

When you have your prescription, you can go online and place your contact lens order.

Ordering contact lens online isn’t at all difficult. First select the lens you are prescribed. Make sure you select the exact brand name and lens name. For example Acuvue and Acuvue 2 are two different lenses, and if you prescribed Acuvue you shouldn’t order Acuvue 2 and vice versa.

Then select the correct power and base curve for each eye. The retailer will also ask how many boxes you want. Generally it is cheaper to order several boxes at a time – you can get free shipping and additional discounts.

Large contact lens companies sometimes have contact lens sale, so you can get additional discount off already cheap lenses.

Order color contacts for less

Color contacts can do wonders for your eyes, and even people who don’t need vision correction can wear them. Online you can order color contacts for less. However, it is wrong to assume that you can order contact lens with no prescription. Colored lenses require prescription, even if they are plano (no correction)



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