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Light blue opaque colored contacts for dark eyes

Illusions by Ciba Vision are best looking light blue and green opaque colored contacts

Best opaque colored contacts for dark eyes

Opaque colored contacts retailers


opaque color contact lens Every contact lens retailers offers color contact lenses these days. Such lenses are produced by world leading contact lens manufacturers, like CIBA Vision, Bausch and Lomb, Cooper Vision and Johnson and Johnson

In their opinion; color contact lenses can positively influence a person’s image.

Color contact lenses can be divided into four types:

Most natural opaque contact lenses

Lenses with opaque color are ideal for people with dark eyes who wish to change color of eyes, for example, to blue, green or it is simply lighter brown. Best opaque color contacts for dark eyes are Expressions and Natural Touch by Cooper Vision, Freshlook Colorblends by Ciba Vision and Acuvue 2 Colors Opaques.

The manufacturer of contact lenses Bausch and Lomb introduces color lenses called SofLens Natural Colors. These are comfortable lenses but they don’t produce spectacular effect. For this reason most online contact lens retailers don’t carry them.

Superior color contacts for dark eyes

CIBA Vision also offers Illusions color contacts, in the following colors - violet, gray, blue, dark green, light amber, light gray, dark blue, light green. Their light green and light blue are especially beautiful, and are probably the best color lenses for dark eyed people to change to light eyes.

There are some drawbacks to opaque lenses, however. As diameter of a pupil on occasion can exceed diameter of the central uncolored zone of a lens, in peripheral areas of a field of vision the image can be a little bit indistinct. Such effect is more often observed in conditions of weak light exposure, at night or in the cinema, for example.

If you buy contact lenses of different colors it is a good idea to use the contact lens case of corresponding color for storage of each color of lenses - so it will be easier to find the right lens, without opening several cases one after the other.

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