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When you should never wear contact lenses

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contact lens reviewsIf you experience one of the following symptoms, take your contact lenses off immediately:

  • Pain in the eye, reddening of an eye
  • Decrease in visual clarity while wearing a lens.
  • Feeling of burning, itch or discomfort
  • Sensation of an alien particle under the lens.
  • Blurry vision, dark circles in front of your eyes.
  • Occurrence of a photophobia.
  • Dryness of an eye.

There might be many things that would make your eyes feel uncomfortable. Something is stuck under the contact lens or the lens itself is damaged.

If you feel any of these remove a lens and inspect it on presence of alien particles, pollution or damages. If the lens has no visible defects, clear it, wash out and again put on again. If you wear frequent replacement lenses, make sure that it is not the time to replace your lens.

If it still feels funny, take the lens off again and don’t wear it until you can see an eye doctor. You don't want to risk your healthy eyes.

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