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Cheap colored contact lenses no prescription

Best place to find cheap colored contact lenses is online. You can order non-prescription color contacts with a great discount from online contact lens retailers and get free shipping too. You can order Acuvue 2 Colors and Freshlook Colorblends.

Free trial color contact lens

If you are searching for free trial contact lens you can’t order them online. However most doctors offer free trial of color contacts. It doesn’t mean that you have to buy your color lenses from that doctor – you can save a lot if you order them online.

Non prescription color contacts – best options

Non prescription color contacts stores


contact lens reviewsWhen offered an opportunity, very few people would refuse to change something in the appearance. With the development of non-prescription color contacts you have an opportunity to make the most dramatic change – change your eye color. However, surprisingly few people wear color contacts yet.

Colored eye contacts can change or enhance the color of eyes, with simultaneous correction of sight or without it.

The "know-how" of contact lenses was considerably improved over the last 30 years, and this progress has not bypassed the party and process of manufacture of the color contact lenses, which for the first time have appeared in the market in the beginning 1980. The design of today's color soft contact lenses is considerably improved, and manufacturers produce color lenses of various types.

Interest in non-prescription colored eye contacts

Recent researches in Europe have shown, that the level of awareness and a degree of interest of the population to color contact lenses are high enough. In England 72% of the population of knows about colored contact lenses, the figure is even higher (80%) for the age group of 16-44 years old. The most informed categories of the population are present users of contact lenses, single people, and group of the population with a high level of incomes.

Each fifth citizen of England agrees to try to wear color contact lenses in the future, and it is much more than such people in age group 16-24 years. Almost half (48 %) all women in this age group and almost as much men (46 %) have are prepared to try lenses which would change color of their eyes.

Interest to non-prescription color contact lenses is higher among constant users of contact lenses and at those to whom correction of sight is not required. The reasons of such interest a little: the desire to look in another way or to stand out of the crowd (37 %), just for fun (21 %), desire to look more attractively (17 %).

As well as with all other types of the contact lenses, previous experience with color lenses, defines, whether the patient is ready to try them again now. Researches have shown, that frequency of refusals of wearing color lenses is higher, than for lenses of other types. What is really interesting that only 7% of all respondents mentioned that they don’t want to try color contacts for the reasons of comfort.




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