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Contact lenses with no prescription




Many people search online for contact lenses with no prescription needed. Technically such thing doesn’t exist. According to the law, contact lenses are medical devices and selling contact lenses without prescription is illegal in USA, UK and Canada. Contact lens with no prescription are not easy to find.


Reviews of cheap contact lens retailers

Only non US or UK based companies can get away with selling non-prescription contact lenses online. But this raises another question: would you trust them your credit card number? Where is the guarantee that if you buy discount contact lenses, they will ever arrive?

Can I get colored contacts with no prescription?

Some people believe that if they have a perfect 20/20 vision they can order colored contacts with no prescription. But even if you don’t need vision correction, most color contact lenses offer different base curve – the parameter only your eye doctor can measure. Also it is best to have your eyes checked and have your color lenses fitted anyway.

So you need a prescription even to get non-prescription colored contacts.

If I order contact lenses without a prescription do I break the law?

No, ordering contact lenses without a prescription isn’t a good idea, but you don’t break any laws by doing so. The company which sells you non-prescription contact lenses might break the law if it is based in Canada or USA.

Where can I find cheap non-prescription contact lenses?

As I mentioned, online companies aren’t supposed to sell cheap non-prescription contact lenses. But some companies trust you to have your prescription and don’t request to fax a copy of it. However, it is much safer to visit your doctor and get a prescription. You don't have to buy your lenses from your optometrist, get them online instead and save a lot. But you should always start with the visit to your doctor. is a well-known online contact lens and glasses retailer. They carry a big selection of contact lenses and guarantee the lowest price. You can get all brand name lenses prescribed by your doctor 40 - 70% cheaper than from the doctor’s office. Free shipping is available. Ships worldwide. Offers special coupons.

To save even more use special coupons :

TURNQ120 to take $20 off contact lens order over $99 + free shipping for new customers only, expires 28/02/2013

TURNQ1FS free shipping no minimum order, expires 28/02/2013

TURNQ1FPF first pair of glasses free (for new customers only), expires 28/02/2013

To use the coupon, copy it and paste into a coupon field when you get to "review and payment" step after you enter your shipping information.


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AClens - save 70% on Contact Lenses(highly recommended)

AClens has been selling contacts and other optical goods online since 1996. They are a trusted and established company. The web site is well organized, so you can find your lenses in seconds. Prices are very low.
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This model wears no prescription color contact lenses Freshlook Colorblends in Blue Sapphire. As you can see they are agreat over brown eyes and compleatly mask your natural eye color.

no prescription color contact lenses Freshlook Colorblends


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