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mirrored contacts lensMirrored contact lenses are a recent invention of special effect contact lens industry. Mirrored contacts are completely opaque and reflect everything just like a real mirror.

Mirror contact lenses designs

  • Pitch black mirrored contact lenses, the type Vin Diesel wore in the movie Pitch Black

  • mirrored sclera contact lenses – they cover not just the color area of your eye but your entire sclera (all visible area of your eye) The effect mirror sclera contact lenses create is unbelievable, so is their cost, unfortunately

  • simple mirrored lenses

Where can I find special effect mirrored contact lens?

Mirror contact lenses are rare items. Popular brand name special effect lenses like Wild Eyes and Crazy eyes don’t make mirror designs. In farct you can’t find special effect mirror contact lens online.

Ask your eye care professional about mirror contacts. He should be able to order them for you.

Mirror contact lenses are difficult to manufacture, therefore they are quite expensive. If you are looking for discount mirror contacts you would’t have much luck.

Caring for mirror contacts

Special effect mirror contacts are not difficult to care for. You treat them as any special effect contacts. All you need is a lens case and multipurpose solution.

Give your mirrored lenses a gentle rub and rinse every time before wearing them. The trick is not to leave your fingerprints on the mirrored lens when putting it in, so you might want to wear thin rubber gloves.

Don’t wear mirror contact lenses for extended period of time. As all special effect contacts they are not designed as extended wear. And don’t sleep in them. Because of their coating mirrored lenses don’t let enough oxygen though to your eye, this is the reason it is not recommended to wear mirror contacts for longer then 8 hours.



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