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Make up tips for contact lens wearers

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The first and most important rule is that eye make up should be applied after your lenses are already in. Otherwise mascara and eye shadow particles can get under the lens, creating discomfort.

However, you should remove make up after your take your lens off.

You eye shadows shouldn’t be too soft, so they don’t brush into your eyes during the day. Using mascara, which is too wet, also isn’t recommended.

It is best to use water-based mascara. Some brand name mascaras are marked “safe for contact lens wearers”. Using this type of mascara is best.

You should be particularly careful when selecting mascara that makes your eye lashes look longer. If the mascara is of a low quality, half of it will brash off by the end of the day and end up under your contact lenses

Some of the face creams and make up removers can also negatively affect your contact lenses, so it is best to use them when your lenses are not in your eyes. If you have to take of your make up while wearing lenses, it is best to use special tissues for removing make up

Extended wear contact lenses and make up

Women who wear extended wear contacts (lenses that you can wear for several days in a row, like Focus Night and Day) should be particularly careful, when applying and removing make-up. If you wear heavy make up every day, it is inevitable that some of it will get to your lenses.

If your extended wear contacts don’t feel so comfortable after several days, you can take them off and clean them in multipurpose solution. Ideally women who wear make up should replace their extended wear lenses more often (every 1-2 weeks) if you can afford it.

Another suggestion is to switch to daily disposable lenses. This way even if some of your mascara brushes unto your lenses, it is no tragedy. Next morning you will wear fresh lenses anyway.

Mascaras that are safe for contact lens wearers

Here we list some high quality brand name mascaras that are approved and recommended for contact lens wearers.

  • Max Factor international Stretch mascara
  • Max Factor international 2000 Calorie mascara
  • Max Factor international Sensitive Eyes
  • Max Factor international Aqua Lash
  • Coup de Theatre Bourjois
  • Lancôme Keracils excellence
  • Lancôme Definicils
  • Lancôme Eternicils
  • Yves Rocher Forinaturel
  • Yves Rocher Couleurs Naturel

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