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contact lens reviews Contact lens manufacturers developed special contact lenses for different kinds of sports. For example, " Wesley Jessen " (now a division of " CIBA Vision ") produced contact lenses "ProSoft", selectively increasing contrast of recognition of yellow color of a ball for softball and tennis.

These contact lenses are frequent replacement lenses made from " DuraSoft 3 ", contain 55% of water and provide very high UV protection. They are intended for wearing only during the game. Later ProSoft will be expanded and there will be special contact lenses for golfers, skiers, shooters and other kinds of sports.

The company Paragon Vision Sciences in 2000 produced rigid gas-permeable (RGP) contact lenses SportsSight GP, designed for outdoor sports. They also provide good UV protection, and also help you see better in the bright sun. These lenses should be recommended the patients, engaged active kinds of sports on open air, as additional means to the usual scheme of correction.

Company " Safilo " has informed on release in the sports collection "Carrera" the painted contact lenses for employment by active kinds of sports. The Spectral characteristics of these lenses have been developed specially for increase in dynamic visual acuity.


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