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contact lens reviewsLearn to insert and remove your contact lenses the right and easy way

1) Put a lens on a pad of an index finger and check, that the lens isn’t inside out
2) Hold the lower eyelid with a middle finger.
3 ) Hold an upper eyelid with another hand and put a lens on a pupil.
4) Cautiously lower your eyeleads, blink once to the lens on its place. Alternatively pul out your top eyelid than pul it down holding it by eye lashes.
5 ) Make sure that the lens setled comfortably and you can see without bluring, otherwise the lens isn’t in its proper place – take it off, rinse and insert again.

How to remove contact lenses

1) Lift eyes upwards and pull down your lower eyelid with a middle finger.
2) With an index finger shift a lens from a pupil to the white part of the eye.
3) Cautiously clamp a lens between a greater and index finger and remove it from an eye.
Alternatively you can pull your upper eyelid up with one hand and remove the lens with the other hand

Don’t worry if it sounds confusing. At first putting the contact lenses in and removing them might take a while, but after a few days of practice you will do it very easly and it will take only a few seconds.

Clean your contact lens every time you remove it
1) Remove the right lens and put it on the palm of your hand
2) Pure a little solution for clearing contact lenses on external and internal surfaces of a lens and give it a gentle rub for 10-15 seconds. Use your ring finger to apply as little pressure as possible – you don’t want to tear your lens. (no rubbing for color lenses though)
3 ) Carefully wash out both surfaces of a lens a solution for cleaning
4 ) Put the right lens in corresponding part of the container, fill the container with a solution for clearing and close the lid.
5 ) Repeat the same procedure for the left lens.

However, you can't rub colour contact lenses this way.

You can use all purpose contact lens solution to do all this.
You can also ask your eye doctor to show you how to insert and remove the lenses. It is really simple.



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