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contact lens reviewsWhile you are in a usual mode of a life - home, work, days off - and observe all doctor's instructions for caring of your contact lenses, using your lenses basically does not cause any problems. However, the situation radically changes, when you go away on holidays.

Quite often going on holidays people forget their lens solution, extra contact lens case and replacement lenses.

Spare contact lenses can save your holidays

Quite often patients realize importance of spare pair (and even two pairs) contact lenses only when they lose a contact lens, being away from home. It is especially true for those who wear conventional contact lenses. It might be difficult to order a replacement for your lens straight away, particularly if you don’t have your prescription with you.

So it is always best to carry an extra pair of contact lens, just in case yours are lost or damaged.
And if you wear daily disposable contacts, take the appropriate supply, plus a couple extra lenses.

The sun, water, beach and contact lens

On holidays you are probably going to be exposed to sun much more then usual, it presents additional risk for your eyes.

First, long stay on the sun increases a doze of ultra-violet radiation to which eyes are exposed. You can help that if your wear contact lenses with high UV protection, like Acuvue or Focus contact lens. However, it is important to remember that even the best contact lens can only protect the aria it covers – so you will need good sunglasses anyway, to protect the rest of your eyes.

Is it safe to swim in contact lenses?

Majority of doctors agree that swimming in lenses isn’t a good idea. Various kinds of microorganisms live in water. Some of them can cause the extremely serious complication leading defeat of a cornea.

Of course taking your contacts off on the beach isn’t practical. You can put on special goggles, and these goggles should be of high quality and don’t leak.

Wearing contacts in a sauna is OK. But it is better to take them off if you are going to jump into swimming pool afterwards.

Contact lenses during your flight

During flight people spend long time low pressure and low humidity in the plane (it is usual in interior of the plane flying at height of 11 km, is supported the pressure corresponding pressure of an atmosphere at height of 3,5 km).

What that means, that if you can wear glasses instead of contact lenses, it is a good idea to do so on the plain. Otherwise your eyes might feel very uncomfortable after a few hours.

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