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contact lens reviews Times when people had to wear unsafe contact lenses are gone. A decade ago conventional lenses were thick, with low oxygen permeability and tricky to care for.

Not any more - contact lens industry improved dramatically over the recent years. However, not all modern contacts are equally healthy for your eyes. The healthyest contact lenses with more oxygen for your eyes are silicone hydrogel lenses, biocompatible lenses, daily disposable contacts and RGP (rigid gas permeable) lenses. In this article we will talk about silicon hydrogel contact lenses.

New contact lens materials

New contact lens materials used in silicon hydrogel lenses and RGP lenses make the lens much more gas permeable. Oxygen flow to your eye is very important for your eye health. A few years ago people who slept in their lenses were at great risk of eye infection, because their eyes didn’t get enough oxygen. With new materials this is no longer a problem. Silicon hydrogel lenses are the only contact lenses you can wear for a few days in a row.

Most successful silicon hydrogel lenses

Focus Night and Day by Ciba Vision - soft contact lenses which you can wear for as long as 30 days in a row. They have the highest Dk/t among hydrogel contact lenses. Dk/t is used to compare oxygen transmissibility between different contact lenses on the market. Higher it is – more oxygen can get through the lens – better for your eyes. Since Focus Night and Day hardly blocks the oxygen your eyes receive, they are safe to wear for many days without removing.

Even though Night and Day contain only 24% of water, they don’t make your eyes dry. The secret is silicon hydrogel material. Actually low water percentage helps the lens to feel comfortable in your eye – the lens simply doesn’t dry, unlike traditional lenses with higher percentage of water. This is extremely important for people who work in dry conditions. Computer users would greatly benefit from this lens as well, because when working on the computer, people blink 25% less and blinking is very important for rewetting your eyes.

Acuvue Advance is another successful silicon hydrogel contact lens. They also have very high oxygen permeability and low percentage of water. Patented material Hydroclear, helps the lens to retain moisture. It is recommended to wear Acuvue Advanced for two weeks taking them out at night, or for a week continuously.

Both Focus Night and Day and Acuvue Advance are very comfortable contact lenses. Focus is a bit more expensive. Acuvue Advance cost less, which makes them more popular. However, all silicon hydrogel lenses cost more that ordinary monthly or weekly disposable lenses.

Manufacturers claim that the reason to develop silicon hydrogel contacts was to improve contact lens safety and comfort, not to introduce lenses that are more expensive. Whatever their motivation was, silicon hydrogel lenses are a relief for your eyes.

Many people complain that at the end of the day, contacts feel dry and uncomfortable. Is this is your case, you should ask your doctor about silicon hydrogel contacts, they might be just the right thing for you.

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