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What is the best diet for people with eye problems: a cataract, glaucoma, shortsightedness, and far-sightedness? Can food your eat affect your sight?

Yes, correct diet is indeed very important. It can help you retain sharp vision and even improve your eye health if you have any problems. If you combine rich diet with eye exersises you soon might find out that you no longer need contacts lenses or glasses.

Most important principles are:

  • moderation in diet
  • diverse easily digested food
  • eating foods rich in vitamins E, A and C
Let's begin with last principle. Vitamin deficiency today is quite common. At diseases of eyes the organism demands certain vitamins particularly A, E and C. Vitamin A contains in carrots, melons, tomatoes, salad, green peas, green onions, cottage cheese, liver. Vitamin B - in vegetables, mushrooms, sour-milk products. Vitamin C – in tomatoes, all citruses, most fruits. Generously include a dish from these products in your diet.

Carrots juice is great for your eyes. It is the richest source of vitamin A. It is quickly and well acquired. It would make a great breakfast once a week. Carrot juice is also very good for your nervous system.

For most eye diseases parsley juice is also effective. It is one of the strongest juices; therefore you shouldn’t drink more than 30-40 ml a day. And to be honest it tastes awfully – so including parsley with your green salad is a more natural and humane option.

Doctors also advice to drink a mixture of carrot and parsley juice.

Beetroot, which isn’t very popular in Western countries, but is a favorite in Eastern European countries, is also very healthy for your eyes. It contacts great amount of all imaginable vitamins and minerals.

As you see, products that are generally considered “good for your health” are also quite beneficial for your eyes



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