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contact lens reviews According to the replacement schedule contact lenses can be classified as:
There are also RGP (rigid gas permeable) contacts that usually are live for 2 years.

Two important factors should be considered when selecting contact lenses – how often you are going to replace them and for how long you plan to wear them every day. The current trend in USA is a decrease of prescribing conventional (annual replacement) lenses and monthly disposable lenses in favor of daily disposables.

The reason is obvious – even though dailies cost more, they are the healthiest solution for your eyes. Among the advantages of daily disposable contact lenses is also the fact that they don’t require any care or maintenance. So if you aren’t prepared to devote time and effort to cleaning your contacts properly – dailies are definitely for you.

healthy contact lensesHealthy lenses for extended wear

If you have to wear your contacts lenses for 14-15 hours, you should go for the lenses with high oxygen permeability. The best choice here would be silicon hydrogel lenses like Acuvue Advance contacts or Focus Night and Day and RGP lenses. These are also great contact lenses for dry eyes.

It isn’t recommended to wear ordinary 2 week or monthly disposables for such long times. Nether should you wear color contacts from morning till midnight. Color lenses are inevitably thicker because of the color layer, so they block oxygen flow to your eyes.

Some lenses like Focus Night and Day or Acuvue are FDA approved for wearing several days without removing (up to 30 days for Focus and up to 7 days for Acuvue).

However, some doctors still wouldn’t recommend not taking your lenses at night. You should be aware that even though the lens lets enough oxygen through to your cornea, there might be other complications. Contact lenses are magnets for pollen, dust and smoke. So if you smoke, work in a dusty environment or swim in your lenses, it might be best to take them off at night.

If you only wear contact lenses occasionally, we would recommend daily disposable lenses. It is best to take a sterile lens out of the package, than to wear one that was collecting bacteria for a week in your contact lens case. Also this way you will save a lot, because a box of 90 daily disposable lenses can serve you for a year, while 2 week replacement lenses should be replaced every two weeks after first use whether or not you wear them every day.

If you are prone to allergy, your best choice again is daily disposables. Putting in a fresh lens every morning you can be sure that nothing will irritate your eye. Also this way you can avoid allergetic reactions to contact lens solutions, which some contact lens wearer’s experience.

Replace your contacts as recommended

Often people ask us: “how long can someone wear 2 week disposable contact lenses?”

Exactly 2 weeks, if the health of your eyes is important for you. Of course 2-3 days delay in replacement, won’t make much difference. But wearing 2 week replacement lenses for a month isn’t recommended. Ask your doctor to prescribe you monthly lenses instead.

Also you can get contact lenses with UV protection that block harmful UV rays.

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