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contact lens reviewsIn the past doctors didn’t recommend sport activities to shortsighted people. Now they have different opinion.

Researches have shown, that playing sports raises working capacity of an eye muscle, strengthens sclera of an eye and even helps to stop progressing of short-sightedness.

The shortsighted person should remember, however, that he or she shouldn’t engage in heavy sports. It is boxing, weightlifting, any exercises with weights, wrestling and other "extreme" kinds of sports.

On the other hand, jogging, walking, swimming and most ball games are very beneficial for your eyesight. Winter walks; skiing and scatting are especially good for your eye health.

And don’t forget about eye exercises. You can also exercise your eyes when doing aerobics or gymnastics – just follow your arms with your eyes.

Contact lenses for sport

Contact lenses are great for all active lifestyle. They are so much better then glasses. They don’t get foggy or wet, don’t get covered with snow.

You can wear contact lenses while swimming, but be careful. Recent research shows that when swimming pool or seawater hits contact lens, the lens collects all kinds of bacteria. It is best to wear tight swimming goggles over your lenses.



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