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Glow in the dark contacts are so much fun! Inhuman eyes glowing from the dark corner can give you a good scare on a Halloween night.

Glow in the dark Halloween contact lenses

Glow in the dark contact lenses aren’t very common yet. Most popular special effect lens collections like Wild Eyes lenses or Crazy Lenses don’t produce glowing in the dark designs.

You can find some glow in the dark Halloween contact lenses online. But ordering no brand name special effect contacts can be a risky business. As well as buying your theatrical glowing in the dark contact lenses in costume shops. Contacts of inferior quality can easily damage your eyes.Consult your eye care professional, he might be able to order high quality glowing contacts for you.

Most glowing in the dark lenses come only in plano (no corrective powers) The center of the lens is clear, so you can see.

Theatrical glow in the dark contacts only glow under UV light. They don’t glow in absolute darkness, however usual club lighting would be enough for them to work.

Caring for theatrical glow in the dark contact lenses

Caring for your lenses, isn’t difficult at all. All you need is a contact lens case and a multipurpose solution. Just rinse your lenses gently before inserting them. Store them in the solution when not using.

For safety reasons it is not recommended to wear glow in the dark contact lens for extended period of time. 6-8 hours is probably the limit. And never go to bed wearing them, in the morning your eyes might feel awful.




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