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Freshlook or Acuvue 2 Colors, which cosmetic contact lenses are best for you?

Review of Freshlook online retailers

Two main brands dominate the market of cosmetic contact lensesFreshlook and Acuvue 2 Colors. Both offer vivid brilliant colors for dark and light eyes, both are comfortable and affordable lenses, so which one should you go with? Lets look in more details what is on offer.

Cosmetic contacts for dark eyes

People with dark eyes can only completely change their eye color with cosmetic lenses, enhancers don’t work on dark eyes. Your choices are:

  • Freshlook Colorblends – opaque contacts designed for brown eyes. They are called Colorblends because of the unique three-in-one technology used by Ciba Vision – three colors blend into one and create a very natural looking lens.You can also get Freshlook colorblend toric contacts

  • Acuvue 2 Colors opaque contact lenses that have a special pattern imprinted in them to simulate the natural pattern of human eye, so they look very realistic. The colors are vivid and fresh.

  • Freshlook color contact lenses lingt eyes

Cosmetic lenses for light eyes

If you want to brighten your natural eye color, your choices are:

  • Freshlook Radiance – partially transparent colored lenses, which don’t change your eye color, but make your eyes sparkle. They are suitable for both light and dark eyes and make your eyes look fresher and more alive

  • Freshlook Dimensions – another collection of Freshlook enhancers color contacts, they enhance and define your eye. Dimensions by Freshlook color contacts are only suitable for light eyes. They create depth and dimension, so your eyes appear bigger and brighter.

  • Acuvue 2 Colors Enhances - half transparent lenses that contain a special color enhancing layer which makes the color more vivid

To change your color dramatically you should go with:

  • Freshlook Colorblends
  • Acuvue 2 Colors opaques

Both Freshlook and Acuvue 2 Colors are half made of water (55% for Freshlook and 58% for Acuvue). So as far as comfort is concerned both are very comfortable colored contact lenses, you forget that you are wearing contacts after putting them in. Both lenses are 1-2 weeks disposable contacts.

Which cosmetic lenses are more expensive?

Freshlook and Acuvue 2 Colors cost almost the same. Freshlook is usually a couple dollars cheaper. And you can get both Freshlook and Acuvue discount color lenses online.

Freshlook and Acuvue 2 Colors pros and cons:

Freshlook pros Freshlook cons
  • Freshlook lenses offer brilliant natural looking color for light and brown eyes

  • Freshlook Radiance and Freshlook Dimensions offer unique effect, that no other contact lens produce

  • Bigger color selection

  • Freshlook contacts also come in toric, so it is suitable for people with astigmatism

  • Usually a bit cheaper than Acuvue

  • Freshlook cosmetic contacts don’t come as daily disposable
Acuvue 2 Colors pros Acuvue 2 Colors cons
  • Great realistically looking colors for light or dark eyes

  • The lens is extremely comfortable and thin, due to a special technology the color layer doesn’t come in contact with the eye surface

  • Not suitable for people with astigmatism

  • Don’t come as dailies

It looks like the list of Freshlook contact lenses advantages is longer, but the truth is – both brands are very good. The difference is in the color selection Freshlook and Acuvue 2 Colors offer. Blue from Freshlook would look different from blue by Acuvue.

One thing you should know is that in your eyes the lenses would look a bit different than on the model. This is particularly true in case of partially transparent cosmetic contacts like Freshlook Radiance, Freshlook Dimensions and Acuvue 2 Colors. Two people with similarly gray eyes can get quite different result.

A person can’t really decide which color of which brand is best for her unless she puts a color lens in. Most doctors let you try a sample pare of cosmetic lenses for free. Those aren’t suitable for wearing long term because they have a word “test” imprinted, however you can get an idea of which looks best.

Our advice would be, don’t try to choose between Freshlook and Acuvue - try both. After you finalize your selection of color, ask you doctor for two prescriptions – one for Freshlook another one for Acuvue 2 colors and order both. It would cost you pretty much the same as ordering two boxes of the same lens. And after wearing both for a couple weeks you can be sure which is best for you. And later you can order another color – there is no need for a new prescription if all you want is a different color of the same cosmetic lens.



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