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Freshlook Dimensions color contact lenses are designed for light eyes. They enhance your natural eye color, at the same time making your eyes appear larger and add depth. This unique effect is achieved by adding a dark outline at the edge of the lens.

Freshlook Dimensions contact lenses come in three magnificent colors:

  • Pacific Blue
  • Sea Green
  • Caribbean Aqua.

Pacific Blue and Caribbean Aqua are best suited for naturally blue or light grey eyes, while Sea Green would add spice to green eyes.

Dimensions by Freshlook are not really suitable for brown or hazel eyes. It will simply give no effect. If you have dark eyes and wish to change their color, you can look at Freshlook Colorblends colored contacts.

Freshlook colorblends color contact lenses lingt eyes

Caribean Aqua and Pacific Blue colors look really great on women with light eyes and fair skin.

Like all color lenses by Ciba Vision, Freshlook Dimensions is available with corrective powers. However, if you have perfect vision and want to wear cosmetic contact lenses just to change your eye color, you can get Dimensions in plano (no correction). Freshlook Dimensions don’t come in toric, so they are not available for people with astigmatism.

You can get Dimensions as a reusable color lens that is good for several months or as disposable color lenses (replaced every 1-2 weeks). Disposable Freshlook contacts are cheaper per pair, but in the long run they would cost you more then just one pair of traditional color lenses. On the other hand, it is best for your eyes to replace contact lenses as often as possible. Also if you go with disposable color contacts, you can get different colors and alternate them.

Most people, who tried Freshlook Dimensions, are happy with them. The only thing to remember here is that these lenses only work on light eyes.

Freshlook colorblends color contact lenses lingt eyes




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