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Freshlook contacts are color contact lenses by Ciba Vision. They are suitable for people with dark and light eyes.

Freshlook offers four collections or color contact lenses

  • Freshlook Colors – opaque color contact lenses that would work for dark or light eyes. Bright colors available in hazel, violet, green and blue.

  • Freshlook Colorblends – opaque lenses designed for dark eyes. The colors are very vivid, yet naturally looking. It is a newer and more natural looking opaque collection. You can change your eye color dramatically. They are called Colorblends because of the unique three-in-one technology used by Ciba Vision – three colors blend into one and create a very natural look (Freshlook Colorblends are recommended over Freshlook Colors they look much more natural. Freshlook True Sapphire are the best looking blue color contact lenses.

  • Freshlook Radiance – partially transparent colored lenses, which don’t change your eye color, but make your eyes sparkle. They are suitable for both light and dark eyes and make your eyes look fresher and more alive

  • Freshlook Dimensions – partially transparent colored contacts that enhance and define your eye. Dimensions are only suitable for light eyes. They create depth and dimension, so your eyes appear bigger and brighter.

Radiance and dimensions collections produce unique effects that are not available from any other brand of color contacts.

Which Freshlook contacts collection is best for me?

That depends on the effect you want to achieve.

If you want a dramatic change, Freshlook Colorblends is the best solution. But bear in mind that change in eye color will significantly change your appearance. If you also change your hairstyle and hair color you will look as a different person. See Freshlook Colorblends for brown eyes pictures
Freshlook colorblends color contact lenses lingt eyes


For a less noticeable change select Radiance or Dimensions. Your eyes won’t change color that much, but will look sparkly. And your face will look refreshed. See more Freshlook Radiance pictures
Freshlook Radiance for light eyes enriches your natural eye color
Freshlook Radiance for light eyes
Freshlook Dimensions make your eyes appear brighter and bigger


Can people who need vision correction still wear colored contact lenses?

Yes, all Freshlook collections of colored lenses come with corrective powers as well as in plano (zero correction).All Freshlook colored contacts are 1-2 weeks replacement lenses, which means that you have to take them out at night and clean as you clean any contact lenses.

Freshlook contains high percentage of water – 55% which ensures that the lens is comfortable and your eyes don't dry out

Freshlook color contacts are the only colored contacts that also come in toric. So if you have an astigmatism and want to change your eye color, ask you doctor about Freshlook toric lenses. Unfortunately toric isn’t available in all colors, only in gray, blue, green and honey.



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