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Freshlook Colorblends for your fresh look. Popular color contacts review

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Freshlook Colorblends is part of 4 Freshlook collections by Ciba Vision. Coloblends are opaque color contact lenses that give your eyes a bright fresh look. Contacts are made using special technology that allows to blend three colors into one, that is why they are called Colorblends. The result – nine vivid but naturallly looking colors.

Freshlook Coloblends is a 2 weeks disposable color contact lens. They are very thin and contain 55% of water, which make the lens feel comfortable in your eye and prevents dryness.

Freshlook colorblends color contact lenses lingt eyes

Freshlook Colorblend toric contacts are avaliable for astigmatism

Colorblends are the only popular color contact lens that comes in toric and are suitable for people with astigmatism. Freshlook Colorblend toric contacts come in 4 colors: blue, gray, honey and green.

Colorblends is perfect for dark eyes

The lens is thin but completely opaque, so it works even on very dark eyes.

Most sucsessfull Freshlook Colorblends colors are:

  • Green – that creates deep emerald glow
  • Amethyst – gives your eyes brilliant violet hue
  • True Sapphire – for deepest ocean blue look

Freshlook also offers Blue, but a lot of Colorblend’s wearers agree that True Saphire gives much more interesting shade of blue for dark eyes

Freshlook Colorblends for medium brown eyes pictures


Freshlook Coloblends for light eyes

The manufacturer of Freshlook itself doesn’t recommend Colorblends for light eyes. They suggest that for light eyes you should try Freshlook Radiance or Freshlook Dimentions.

But in fact if you want not just to enhance your natural color but change it compleatly, there is nothing wrong with wearing Colorblends in light eyes. One thing you have to know, though. Freshlook Colorblends colors are bright and deep. So for light eyes it would be a truly dramatic change.

Colorblends won’t work only if you have a very fair skin, light hair and very light eyes. For these people Colorblends would look unnaturaly bright. In this case you might try Freshlook Radiance color lenses they are specially desined for light eyes.

How expensive is Freshlook Colorblends?

You would be surprised that if you shop wisely and order your Colorblends not from your eye doctor but from reputable online contact lens store it would cost you under $30 a box. Except for Colorblends toric, which as all toric lenses are more excpencive.



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