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Focus Night and Day contacts review – can you really wear contact lens continuously for 30 days?

Review focus night and day discount contact lens retailers


Focus night and day contacts by Ciba Vision are a real relief for people who likes to wear contact lenses, but don’t have time to put them in every day.

Focus Night and Day lenses are the only extended wear contacts that you can wear continuously for 30 days. Just think about it – you can put them in once and have a perfect vision for a month without doing anything.

Does Focus Night and Day really feel comfortable and provide crisp vision even on the 30th day?

Yes, it does. The secret is in the material Night and Day lenses are made from - Lotrafilcon A. The reason you can’t wear most contacts for extended period of time is that they don’t “breath”. Most contact lenses don’t let enough oxygen through for your eyes to function properly. Night and Day doesn’t have this problem – it lets through 6 times more oxygen than other contacts.

Another advantage of Night and Day lenses that protein from your eyes almost doesn’t build up on them.Studies have shown that many people who wear Focus Night and Day lenses feel like they have a perfect vision and for most of the time forget that they are wearing contact lenses.

The only thing to be careful about is not to forget to switch to a new pair after 30 days. It is recommended that you take your lenses out at the last day of each month and put the new ones in the next day.

Focus Night and Day contact lens pros and cons

Focus pros Focus cons
  • Great for people with a busy life style – all you need to do is to put them in once a month

  • Due to a special patented material lens lets 6 times more oxygen through than other contacts, so you don’t feel that you wear contact lenses at all

  • They are very affordable - when order focus night and day discount contact lenses online you can get a box of 6 lenses for less than $50

  • You would have to give up a habit of scratching your eyes in the morning

  • Focus Night and Day aren’t suitable for people with excessive protein secretion, the lens will lose its clarity by the end of the month




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