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Focus dailies contact lenses are daily disposable contact by Ciba Vision. You open a fresh pack every morning and throw your lens away at the end of the day. As all Focus contact lenses, they are very thin and comfortable, contain 55% of water.

People who wear Focus daily disposable lenses report a very clear vision and no or very little dryness in their eyes.

Most eye care professionals agree that daily disposables are the healthiest solution for people who wear contact lenses. The lens straight out of the package is sterile, so there is very little chance of infection. Also no cleaning is involved, so even though dailies are usually more expensive than 1-2 week disposable lenses, you save on cleaning solution.


Advantages and disadvantages of daily disposables by Focus:

Focus advantages Focus disadvantages
  • Focus lens is very thin and made of a very high quality material so it is comfortable in your eye

  • There is no protein build-ups so your vision is very crisp all the time

  • Dailies are a perfect solution for people with allergies – pollen doesn’t have a chance to build up on the lens

  • No cleaning fuss and no solution expensesIt is no tragedy if you lose or rip your lens

  • The only disadvantage of dailies is their cost – they are more expensive than conventional and 2 weeks disposable contacts

How expensive are Focus daily contacts comparable to other lenses?

As all dailies they are slightly more expensive than 2 week disposables. However, you don’t need any cleaning solution. Also Ciba Focus dailies come in 30 lens pack and 90 lens pack, and by ordering 90 lens pack you usually can save about 30%.

Also, compared to other brand name daily disposable contact lenses, Focus dailies cost slightly less. If you buy them from reputable online retailers, you can get discount Focus contacts.

Focus dailies toric contact lenses

Focus is the only brand name daily disposable toric contact lenses. It is suitable for people with astigmatism. Focus daily toric is as good for correcting astigmatism as toric contacts by other brands, plus you can enjoy the convenience of daily disposable lenses.



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