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Focus contact lenses by Ciba Vision offer a big selection of contact lens. We reviewed the most successful of Focus lenses. Depending on your vision correction needs and life style you have the following choices.

Focus Night and Day contacts

Focus Night and Day lenses are extended wear contacts. They are the most trouble free contact lens solution. Night and Day is made from a revolutionary material that was specifically designed for extended wear. Focus night and day is the only lens that you can wear continuously for 30 days. Other brands like Acuvue, for example, offer only 7 days wear lenses.

Focus Night and Day lets through 6 times more oxygen than other contact lens. This is the reason these lenses are very comfortable and can be worn up to 30 days in a row without removal.

If you are currently prescribed any type of contact lenses that you have to remove every evening, ask your eye doctor about Focus Night and Day. They can really simplify your life.

Focus Dailies – daily disposable contacts

Another trouble free solution is daily disposable contact lenses. They are very thin and therefore extremely comfortable.

Focus Dailies have other advantages as well. They are good for people with allergies. And since you never wear a lens for longer than a day protein doesn’t have a chance to build up on your lens and spoil the clarity of your vision.

There are also Focus Dailies toric lenses for people with astigmatism. And Focus Dailies Progressives – bifocal disposable contacts.You can get Focus night and day discount contact lenses online and save a lot.

Of all Focus lenses Focus Day and Night and Focus Dailies are recommended for people who value convenience and comfort for their eyes.

Focus monthly – most affordable solution

Daily disposables are great, but pricey. If you are looking for the best combination of comfort and a low price, Ciba Vision Focus monthly contact lenses are for you. They also come in toric and progressive (bifocal)

Focus monthly are good, comfortable contacts. However, if you suffer from allergies or have a very sensitive eyes, dailies are recommended.

Focus 1-2 week disposable lenses

This lens is very similar to Focus monthly except that you replace it every 2 weeks instead of monthly.

Are there Focus color contacts?

Yes, Focus 1-2 week and Focus monthly contact lenses also come in color. The selection is aqua, royal blue and evergreen. However, Focus Soft colors aren’t the best color contacts. Their design look artificial and it is clear that a person is wearing color contact lenses.

Freshlook color contacts, which are also produced by Ciba Vision, are much more successful. Freshlook offers collections suitable for light and dark eyes.



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