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Dry eyes are a terrible problem for contact lens wearer’s. The lens is fine in the morning, but by the end of the day it feels like sand.

The problem with soft contact lenses is that they dehydrate, soaking the moisture from your eyes. Contact lens manufacturers are aware of the problem and put a lot of research into developing contact lenses for dry eyes.

Dry eyes are also a problem for most computer users. While working at the computer people tend to concentrate and blink 25% less often than usual. Blinking is very important for rewetting your eyes.

The following types of contact lenses are most suitable for people with dry eyes.

Silicon hydrogel contact lenses and dry eyes

Silicon hydrogel lenses are a new generation of contact lenses designed for exceptional comfort. Due to a new material the lens doesn’t dry out and always stays moist in your eye.

Successful silicon hydrogel contact lenses are Acuvue Advance and Focus Night and Day. People who wear these contact lenses report that their eyes don’t feel as dry at the end of the day.

healthy eyesDry eyes and daily disposable contact lenses

Daily disposables are extremely thin and contain high percentage of water, so they don’t feel dry in your eyes. For example Focus Dailies are made of 59% of water.

Daily disposable lenses also have many other advantages, over other types of contact lenses.

RGP contact lenses don’t dry

If dry eyes are really a problem for you, you might consider RGP (rigid gas permeable) contact lenses. These lenses, unlike soft contact lenses don’t dry at all and don’t extract moisture from your eyes.

Many people are prejudiced against RGP contact lenses, because they think these contacts are uncomfortable to wear. True, old hard lenses were a pain, but this is not the case with modern RGP contact lenses. RGP require some adjustment period, they might feel odd in your eyes for 5-7 days, but after that most patients report that they don’t feel their lenses at all.

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