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Disposable contacts

Bring comfort to your eyes and convenience to your life


Review of disposable contact lens retailers

Disposable contact lenses are becoming more and more popular. And rightly so – they are convenient, healthy for your eyes and now quite affordable. Disposable contacts are available for most prescriptions, including astigmatism lenses, bifocals and even colored contacts.

Types of disposable contact lenses

There are three main types of disposables categorized by how frequently you replace your lenses:

  • Daily disposables – lenses that you wear for one day, dispose your contacts in the evening and open a new pare next morning.

  • Weekly disposables – lenses that are designed to be worn for 1-2 weeks, then replaced with a new pare.

  • Frequent replacement lens that are replaced monthly

Benefits of daily disposable contacts

Generally speaking, the more often you replace your contact lenses, the better. Your eyes stay healthier and more comfortable. So daily disposables are contacts that offer most benefits:

  • The lowest risk of infection – lens that comes out of the package is sterile

  • Not enough time for protein and calcium to build up on your contacts (which happens with other types of lenses even in spite of remover solutions). As a result people wearing daily disposable lenses report clearer vision.

  • No fuss with cleaning, just open the pack and put your contacts in. If you feel that rubbing you lens before and after wearing is too much work, daily disposables are definitely for you. Also no worries about cleaning and storage products

  • Daily disposables are ideal for people who suffers from allergies, especially during high allergy seasons

  • Great for people who wear contacts only a few days a week. Lens left in the case collects bacteria, while freshly out of the pack it is sterile. Also if you only wear contact lenses 2-3 days a week, daily disposables are a cheaper option.

  • And, of course, if you rip or lose your lens, no big deal, just dispose of it and open another pack. Disposables are also ideal for traveling.


How expensive are throwaway lenses?

You would be surprised to find out that disposable lenses are very affordable. Times when contact lenses were expensive to produce are long gone, recent technological advances allow lens’ manufacturers to produce contacts at a very low cost.

It costs to the consumer only about 1$ a day, if you know where to buy your lenses. You also save on cleaning and storage solutions.

The trick to low cost is to order your disposables from online stores, rather than your local optometrist. You get the prescription for your lenses from your doctor. Then order your contacts from a reputable online store and you would get exactly the same lens, by the same brand as prescribed for 40-70 % less then from a doctor’s office. This is because online contact lens retailers save on rent and inventory and pass part of their savings back to you.

CoastalContacts.com is a well-known online contact lens and glasses retailer. They carry a big selection of disposable contact lenses at the lowest prices. You can get all brand name lenses prescribed by your doctor 40 - 70% cheaper than from the doctor’s office. Free shipping is available. Ships worldwide.

AClens - save 70% on Contact Lenses(highly recommended)

AClens has been selling contacts and other optical goods online since 1996. They are a trusted and established company. The web site is well organized, so you can find your lenses in seconds. Prices are very low.
1800Contacts is the largest retailer of mail order contact lenses. They have a good selection of disposable contact lenses and the prices are low. Free shipping. Ships worldwide.

Freshlook Colorblends blue disposable contact lens

Freshlook Colorblends disposable contact lenses in blue make your eyes look really stunning. They look particularly interesting on women with red hair.



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