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Disposable colored contact lenses

Best disposable colored contact lenses are Freshlook by Ciba Vision and Acuvue 2 Colors by Johnson and Johnson. Daily disposable color contacts aren’t available yet – the production cost of color lens is too high, to make color daily disposables

Disposable contact lens pros and cons

Disposable contact lens retailers


contact lens reviews Disposable contact lens became increasingly popular over the last few years. They pushed conventional lenses (annual replacement lenses) of the market.

The reason is promotional efforts of contact lens manufacturers. Of course – patient who switched to disposable lenses would spend more on his or her contacts than before. Let’s look at disposable contact lenses not from a perspective of a seller, but from a perspective of a buyer and see what are the benefits and drawbacks of disposable contacts to you – contact lens wearer.

We will look at:

  • Advantages of frequent replacement and disposable contact lenses
  • Disadvantages of disposable contacts
  • Cost of disposable contact lenses

Advantages of disposable contact lenses

Daily and weekly disposable lenses don’t require special cleaning solution, which makes care fore them easier and cheaper

  • Daily disposables don’t require any cleaning at all, no solution and no contact lens case to clean

  • Disposable lenses are thinner, therefore they don’t block oxygen flow to your eyes as much as conventional contacts and you can wear it for longer hours

  • It is not a tragedy if you lose a disposable lens

  • Protein doesn’t build up much on disposable lenses, so they always provide sharp vision

Disadvantages of disposable contacts

If you have an unusual prescription, disposable contacts might not be available for you
Disposable contacts are thinner, which is better for the health of your eyes, but make them more difficult to handle and insert. This problem, however, goes away with practice

If you want color contacts, conventional contact lenses offer wider selection. And some of them like Illusions by Cooper Vision have better designs. The reason is that producing naturally looking color lens is too expensive, to make it disposable

Cost of disposable lenses

Disposable contacts biggest drawback is their price. They cost significantly higher than annual replacement lenses. Particularly toric and color disposable lenses are very pricey. However, if you go with daily disposables, you don’t need cleaning and storage solutions, which save you a lot.

Also, if you order your lenses online, you can save a great deal. And by ordering an annual supply of disposable contacts you can get free shipping and even bigger discount.

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