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  • contact lens reviews Replace your contact lens case 3 - 4 months. Bacteria form a film on a surface of plastic of which the container is made.

  • Don’t use lenses when you got a cold. For this time glasses will be necessary to you.

  • Store your lenses in a door of a refrigerator (but don’t freeze them), especially if you don’t wear your lenses every day.

  • In cases of any sensations of discomfort, reddening of eyes, tears, a photophobia, blurring of sight necessarily see a doctor.

  • Soft contact lenses cannot be let to dry up. The lens should be either on an eye, or in a special solution. If you have casually dried up a lens, throw it out, it is no longer good.

  • If your lenses are weekly disposables, clean your lenses every time you handle them (before putting it in your eye and after removing). Give it a gentle 10-15 seconds rub in a solution. The only exception is color contact lenses – don’t rub them, this might damage the color.


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