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contact lens reviews"I have a very bad sight. I wish to change glasses for lenses, but I am afraid of diseases like "keratitis". Is everybody who wears contact lenses at risk?"

We are often asked questions like that.

Glasses and contact lenses are not competitors. Each of them serves a specific purpose. However, lenses quite often have advantages over glasses at the certain diseases of eyes: a high degree of short-sightedness or a far-sightedness, when visual acuity of two eyes if very different, and for people with astigmatism.

There are two groups of lenses - rigid and soft. However, many people don't harry to switch from glasses to contact lenses. One of the reasons is fear of diseases of eyes, first of all keratitis.

Keratitis is an inflammation of a cornea of an eye.

How wearing contact lenses can affect the risk of keratisis?

First, quality of the lens and how much oxygen the lens lets through. Brand name soft contact lenses like Acuvue contacts or Focus contact lenses are made of high-quality polymeric materials high procentage of water. It allows lenses "to breathe", providing supply of oxygen to a cornea of an eye.

Secondly, it depends on how thick is the lens, lenses with more power are thicker, and ther wearers are at greater risk.

Thirdly, the fit and correct selection of a lens. The lens should not block plaintive liquid. Liquid space should be formed between a lens and a cornea. If fit of a lens too dense vessels are squeezed, and tear does not wash a cornea. Therefore lenses should be selected individually, considering not only materials of which they are made, but the form and a structure of the eye.

Contact lenses that aren’t fitted correctly and don’t let enough oxydgen through create a high risk of keratisis. Fitting contact lenses is extremely important for your eye health.

One more problem – being in the room with high polution, smoke or dust. Lenses often react even to strongly flavored deodorants. They very quickly absorb all smells and gases, which immediately provokes irritation of a cornea.

Also when you wear contact lens for a long time protein builds up on it. Therefore contact lenses need to be disinfected, cleared and stored in a special sterilizing solution daily. And still it is necessary to remember, what even the best and expensive lenses are not eternal, no matter how carefully you look after them. They should be replaced on schedule.

A little thing that got between an eye and a lens also can cause keratisis. Even if it is a microscopic mote. In that case you have to remove a lens immediately, and wash the lens and your eye.

Sleeping in your contact lenses is not permitted under any conditions (unless you wear an extended wear contact lenses like Focus Night and Day). Shot eyelids press on a lens.

Also color contacts of pure quality sold from flea markets can cause all sort of problems. If you want to change the color of your eyes go only for safe brand name color contact lenses like Freshlook or Acuvue 2 Colors.

First signs of an inflammation of a cornea - the dim image and later – fear of light. If you notice such simptoms, you should see a doctor immidiately. This might mean that your lenses aren’t fitted rightly or are of a low quality.




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