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Daily disposable contacts review

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Since all studies have shown that the more often patients change their contact lenses – the better, daily disposable contacts become popular as soon as they were released to the market.

The most successful and popular daily disposable contact lenses are Acuvue by Johnson and Johnson, Focus Dailies by Ciba Vision and Soflens One Day by Bausch and Lomb.

Researchers predict that by 2010 50% of all contact lens wearers will wear daily disposables.

Bifocal and toric daily disposable lenses are also available, even though they are very expensive. However, as the technology improves, the price of daily contact lens should go down.

Advantages of daily disposables for eye doctors

  • Patient spends less time with the doctor because there is no need to explain how to care for contact lenses
  • Since contact lens container isn’t required, there is no risk of an infection due to not cleaning the case properly
  • The patient will not have an allergy reaction to contact lens cleaning solution because no cleaning is required
  • The risk of infection is much lower for people who only wear their lenses occasionally

Benefits for contact lens wearers

  • No cleaning saves time and money
  • Loosing your daily contact lens isn’t a problem – you always have a replacement
  • Daily lenses are perfect for traveling and occasional wearing

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