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Discount daily disposables


contact lens reviews For most people daily disposable contact lens have advantages over conventional lenses – they are more comfortable, require less care and provide crisp vision all the time. However for some patients disposable lenses have additional advantages.

  • Disposables are indispensable for people whose eyes produce more protein and lipids then usual. Daily disposable contact lenses are the only safe lenses if you have a conjunctive virus

  • Disposables are great for people who lose their lenses often

  • They are best for people who wear contacts only from time to time, this way your lens always comes sterile out of the package, and not from the lens case where it was collecting bacteria for a week

  • If you smoke a lot or work in dusty conditions disposable lenses are better because you have fresh lens every morning. However, working with toxic chemical sprays might prevent you from wearing contacts all together

  • You can use them after eye surgery (temporarily)

  • For people with allergies

Colored disposable contact lenses

Many people search for colored disposable contact lenses. Your best options are Freshlook (monthly disposable color lenses), Acuvue 2 Color (2 week disposables) and Expressions.

Discount disposable contact lenses

Disposable contacts can be pricey, but if you order them online you can get discount disposable contact lenses

Daily disposable contact lens stores





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