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Crazy contact lens is a brand name special effect contact lenses by Cooper Vision. Actually they are called Crazy Lenses. These costume lenses are fully opaque and create bright and exciting color effects. Crazy Lenses completely change your natural eye color to the design you choose. They are suitable for people with light and dark eyes.

Use crazy contacts for Halloween, any other costume party or just for going out to a club if you want something different. You can get monthly disposable crazy lens contact lenses. Crazy contacts don’t come as daily disposable, because the designs are expensive to manufacture and it would drive up the price too much.

Crazy Lenses designs

  • Black spiral and red spiral – for the effect of crazy eyes (recommended)

  • Cat eye (recommended)

  • Fire effect (recommended)

  • White-out contact lenses – for zombie eyes

  • Wolf eyes

  • Bloodshot

  • Stars and stripes - for American flag effect

Special effect crazy lenses marked “recommended” create especially magnificent effect

Crazy contact lenses pros and cons

  • Crazy Lenses are the cheapest of quality special effect contacts

  • They feel comfortable in your eyes

  • Crazy contacts completely changes your natural color to chosen design

  • Create a very bright, glowing effect
  • Since the lens is completely opaque it affects your peripheral vision

  • Crazy lenses are the most popular of all costume contacts so the designs aren’t that unique, for less common designs check Wild Eyes lenses

Where can I get cheap Crazy contact lenses?

Not all contact lens retailers sell special effect contact lenses online. We list a few online theatrical contact lens retailers that sell discount Crazy contacts. Some accept your credit card, others let you pay by Paypal.

crazy contact lenses design


There are many other costume contact lens designes apart from Crazy Lenses. Wild Yes is one alternative, but also there are many companies that produce unique hand painted costume contacts. See other designs of Halloween costume contact lenses.

Are crazy eyes contact lenses comfortable and safe?

Yes, Crazy Lenses are comfortable, however they aren’t designed for wearing over long periods of time. Try not to wear them for longer than 8 hours, and never leave them in overnight.

Crazy eyes contact lenses are safe if you take proper care of them. Most important is to wash your hands when handling your lenses, and give each lens a good rub in cleaning solution before putting it in. All in one solution works best. And if the lens starts hurting your eye, take it off immediately.

You can get monthly disposable crazy lens contact lenses as well as traditional one year wear. Disposable crazy lenses are cheaper, so if you need crazy lens for one party only, disposables are a better choice.

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