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There have been many FDA warnings and publications in Optometry magazines about dangers of crazy colored contacts. As a result many people are afraid to wear color crazy contact lenses, considering them not safe.

While it is true that wearing crazy colored contact lenses can lead to serious eye problems, the lenses themselves aren’t the cause. It you get brand name colored crazy contacts and care for them properly, they are perfectly safe for your eyes.

Crazy color contact lenses like Crazy Lenses by Cooper Vision or Wild Eyes by Ciba Vision feel comfortable in your eyes. But in order to completely replace your natural eye color with scary design the lens can’t be very thin. As a result not enough oxygen penetrates though the lens, therefore you can’t wear it for extended periods of time.

It is recommended not to wear crazy color contact lenses for longer than 8 hours.

Most people report that crazy color contact lenses are comfortable for a few hours. Only if you have very sensitive eyes, you might feel some irritation and discomfort.

Scary colored contacts need proper cleaning

Even if you wear non prescription crazy contacts, they are medical devices and have to be cleaned properly. Wash your hands before handling your lenses and rinse your colored contacts before inserting them in your eyes.

Order your crazy colored contact lenses from reputable online stores or doctors office.


Some costume stores and flea markets sell scary colored contacts as well. These, however, can be dangerous. If the contacts you buy aren’t manufactured by a major contact lens manufacturer, they can seriously irritate your eyes. Not to mention that all contact lenses are medical devices and it is illegal to sell them without a license.

Never swap your crazy colored contact lenses with other people

This can lead to a nasty eye infection.
If you follow these simple rules, you are most likely to enjoy colored crazy contacts.

Review crazy colored contact lenses trusted retailers


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