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Are you looking for costume non-prescription scary contact lenses? It is understandable that not everyone wants to pay a doctor just to get a prescription for the lenses he or she would only wear once for a few hours. However, technically it is illegal to sell any contact lenses, including scary costume contacts, without doctor’s prescription.

But there is a way. When you buy your costume scary lenses online some companies ask for your doctors phone number to verify your prescription, while others trust you to have a prescription for your theatrical lenses. We listed a few that can be trusted.



Safety rules for crazy non-prescription contact lenses

Even if you get your Halloween costume contacts without a prescription there are certain safety rules you have to follow. Otherwise you might get yourself into serious eye problems. The rules are really simple:

  • Don’t wear your theatrical crazy contacts for longer than 8 hours and don’t sleep in them. Costume contact lenses aren’t designed to be an extended eye wear

  • Don’t swap your scary costume contacts with other people, it is a sure way to get an eye infection

  • Always clean your crazy lenses before inserting and after removing, and wash your hands before handling them

  • If the lens hurts your eye take it off immediately, it is most likely that the lens is damaged

  • Don’t buy costume lenses from costume shops or flea markets. The lenses sold there might be of inferior quality and plain dangerous for your eyes. Most paints are very toxic and can irritate the delicate surface of your eye. Go for brand name theatrical contact lenses like Wild Eyes or Crazy Lenses – they are produced by major contact lens manufacturers who make sure that their costume contacts are not only spectacular looking, but also comfortable and safe for your eyes

Do I break the law if I order Halloween costume contacts without prescription?

No, the individual who is buying contact lenses without prescription doesn’t break any law. The company who sell them does. This is why no reputable company will tell you “we sell theatrical lenses without doctor’s prescription”. They all say that you have to have a prescription, another matter if they check whether or not you have it.



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