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Costume contacts are fun; they can be used to give a very realistic touch to your Halloween costume or just to create an extraordinary look for any party.

However, people who don’t normally wear contact lenses often worry if costume contact lenses comfortable in the eyes and safe to wear.

Comfort varies greatly depending on the brand of theatrical scary contacts you are wearing. Costume lenses produced by leading contact lens manufacturers like Cooper Vision or Ciba Vision are designed for comfort as well as for scary effects.


Which theatrical scary contacts are the most comfortable?

Crazy Lenses by Cooper Vision and Wild Eyes by Ciba Vision are most comfortable to wear theatrical scary contacts.

However, when we say “comfortable” there are limitations. In order to replace your natural color with bright crazy design costumes colored contact lenses for Halloween have to be completely opaque and not very thin. Therefore the lens doesn’t “breath”, doesn’t allow substantial amount of oxygen though.

For this reason it isn’t recommended to wear costume colored contact lenses for Halloween for longer than several hours. The lens that feels perfectly comfortable at the start, might feel a bit rough after 7-8 hours.

Never wore contact lenses for Halloween costume before?

If you never wore contact lenses for Halloween costume before, it is recommended to order them in advance and try them on. Wear your lenses for a couple hours the day before that party, just to see how they feel.

Most people, who wear brand name theatrical contact lenses with their costume for Halloween report that they can feel the lens for the first 10-15 minutes, then forget that they have anything in their eye. So unless your eyes are extremely sensitive, Halloween contact lenses would not bother you during the party.

Do costume colored contacts affect my vision?

Even though the costume colored contacts are opaque, their center is clear so you can see well. Some contact lenses for Halloween costume like Wild Eyes or Crazy Lenses also come with corrective powers, and are suitable for people who need vision correction.



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