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Cosmetic contacts without a prescription

If you don’t need vision correction, you can get cosmetic contacts without a prescription. You can order them from online cosmetic color lens retailers.


Cosmetic contacts lenses review

Discount cosmetic contact lenses


contact lens reviewsMany people are searching for cosmetic contact lenses. These are color contact lenses that don’t have any corrective powers and are used purely for cosmetic effect – to change of enhance your eye color.

Cosmetic color contacts

While searching online for cosmetic color contacts, you would be amazed how many brands there are on offer. However, not all cosmetic contacts look and feel equally good. Some of them are simply too bright, so instead of having beautiful blue eyes, you can end up looking like you just came back from Dune.

Two leading brands of cosmetic colored contacts are Acuvue 2 Colors and Freshlook. Both brands are comfortable to wear. However, based on many reviews by people who have worn them, it seems that Freshlook lenses create better effect. Their best colors are True Sapphire, Amethyst, Turquoise and Green.

Freshlook Colorblends lenses secret is that the lens isn’t just a solid color, but a mixture of three different colors, as the name Colorblends suggests. This perfectly recreates the natural look, but adds a vivid hue.

And if you want to make a bold statement Illusions by CibaVision is a way to go. People will not miss you eyes. Their best colors are deep green and deep blue. Illusions still look quite natural, just very bright. Their only draw back is the cost – they are much more expensive than Freshlook. But on the bright side Illusions aren’t 2-week disposable cosmetic color contacts, they last for a year.

Cheap cosmetic contact lenses

You can get cheap cosmetic contact lenses online. Online retailers sell Freshlook and Acuvue colored contacts with 40-70% discount. However, be careful when buying cheap cosmetic contacts – go for well-known brands. Otherwise cheap price might turn out to be a cheap look.




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